Sleep 6 months to 1-year​​

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Teaching your baby the art of sleep is not selfish, it is a gift for the entire family.

Giving your baby the skills needed to fall asleep and stay asleep something that will last them a lifetime.

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Like all skills, sleep is a skill that must be mastered. No one is born wired to fall asleep and stay asleep, we all had to learn how to do it. It's ideal to introduce the skills of sleep when you bring your baby home from the hospital when bad habits or sleep dependencies have not been created.

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It's never too late to give your baby the gift of sleep! Even if your baby has developed poor sleep habits or sleep dependencies, your baby can over time learn to fall asleep and put themselves back to sleep, it just takes a bit longer

Learn to sleep

It can take a baby the age of 6-months to 1-year, anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to learn how to fall asleep on their own. Every baby presents some resistance to going to sleep on their own without their sleep habits or dependencies, therefore the time it takes will depend on them.

When babies get older and sleep teaching was not not introduced after birth, it does involve some crying. Crying is their way of protesting the changes, but it's temporary and once they get through the transition phase they are better sleepers and your home becomes less stressful.

What I offer

  • Consultation 
  • Step-by-step instructions for the parents that want to sleep their child on their own.
  • In person sleep teaching


Consultation - $45 includes a one-hour visit in your home, meet your baby, determine sleep problems, talk about sleep environment, sleep cues and plan of action.

Step-by-step instructions - $199. - this includes a detailed one-week sleep strategy plan that you do on your own with your baby. I am available for continued support and questions during this time.

In person sleep teaching rates: $30 per hour (twins $40) if you are within 20 miles of my home (85262). $35 per hour (twins $45) if you live 21+ miles from my home. I arrive at your home between 9-10 PM and leave at 6AM, depending upon when your baby wakes, or our agreed upon time. These hours are flexible. The nights I'm available vary depending upon previous bookings. I provide care up to 5-nights per week.

Retainer: If you select me as your newborn care specialist, I will ask for a retainer to secure my services that is applied towards the final week of our work agreement.

Work agreement: Together we will complete a work agreement so that we have the same understanding of goals, sleep plan and care duration.

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