Babies are simply beautiful, from their sweet faces to the their tiny toes. Every baby is special and a gift to be treasured with delicate hands and a loving heart.

Babies are not born with an instruction manual and at times can be hard to figure out. Their cries are like secret code, that parents have to decipher, which can be a challenge.

What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

A newborn care specialist or an infant specialist is a person who has received specialized training in the care of newborns and infants and is equipped to care for their individual needs, as well as provide parental support and education.

My role as your Newborn Care Specialist

I have been caring for the specific needs of newborns and infants for well over 25-years. I have received individualized infant training as an LPN, as well as completing newborn care specialist certification coursework and attending, to-date 120 newborn and infant related continuing education classes.

As a newborn care specialist, I "listen" to your baby's body cues and cries to learn what they need. There are at least 5 specific cries babies have that mean different things: such as "I'm hungry", "I'm tired", "I'm uncomfortable", "I'm in pain" and "I'm bored".  As you get to know your baby you will begin to recognize their different cries and be able to respond to their needs without frustration. Until that time, I am here to help guide you. Babies also communicate their needs through body language sharing with you that they are tired, hungry, uncomfortable and even over-stimulated.  It just takes some time to learn your baby's cues. But don't worry, you got this!

Babies also need to learn how to sleep. Many new parents often talk about how their baby slept all the time until around 6-weeks old. That is pretty normal, the first 4 to 6 weeks of life is considered the '4th trimester' in which there is a lot of development taking place within your baby, and the majority of growth/development occurs when baby is sleeping. Then, at 4 to 6 weeks, that rapid growth/development period ends and your baby begins to cry more to tell you what they need.

My role as a newborn care specialist is to come into your home overnight to care for your baby's needs, to work with you to create 'sleep cues' that your baby will over time learn to recognize as  meaning "it's time to sleep", develop a plan to move baby's calorie consumption to daytime hours, so gradually they learn to sleep longer stretches at night as they grow and create a nursery atmosphere that is conducive to healthy sleep.

Sleep teaching usually takes about 3-months, as I use a gradual no-cry method and work with your baby's natural sleep rhythm. Each baby learns the art of sleep differently, thus I do not rush them through the process, as I believe learning to sleep in a positive non-stress way helps create good sleep habits for life.

Feeding at night: I work with you and honor your wishes when it's time for your baby to 'eat' at night. I am happy to bring your baby to you to nurse, or use a bottle. I am here to support you!

I have extensive experience caring for newborns and infants with medical needs and various medical equipment and I work a long side you to make sure you are comfortable with all that I do for your baby.

My goal is to not only teach your baby to sleep and help them develop positive sleep habits, but to also care for your entire family with calmness and peace. Your baby will grow so quickly and I want to help you enjoy every aspect of being a parent.

Rates:  $25 per hour  (twins $35). I arrive at your home between 9-10PM and leave between 6-7AM, depending upon when your baby wakes, or our agreed upon time. These hours are flexible. The nights I'm available vary depending upon previous bookings.

If you are seeking to hire me as your newborn care specialist, I would be happy to meet with you around your 6 or 7th month of pregnancy, as my schedule books quickly (usually 3-months is advance).

Retainer: If you select me as your newborn care specialist, I will ask for a 2-week payment retainer that is applied towards the final 2-weeks of our work agreement.

If you've already had your precious baby and find that you would like some help with sleep teaching, transition from cot/cradle to crib, or just to get some solid, uninterrupted sleep, I am happy to help. 

Please CONTACT me for more information. I am here to help.

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